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The Cape Girardeau School District has determined that adoption of standard dress requirements is a necessary component to creating an effective and safe learning environment. Research suggests that uniform dress standards reduce peer pressure and discipline incidents. The Cape Girardeau Public School District recognizes the value of a student’s individual expression; however, style of dress and/or grooming must be within the constraints of reasonable rules and appropriate standards. Adherence to these standards will lead to a safe, secure and orderly educational environment resulting in an effective learning atmosphere for all students.

The superintendent or designee is directed to create administrative procedures necessary to implement this policy, to define the dress requirements in more detail and to delineate any exceptions to this dress requirement.

The dress code policy does not impose dress and grooming rules based on gender that would be in violation of Title IX. Where a bona fide religious belief or health need of a student conflicts with the district’s dress code, reasonable accommodations may be requested for approval by the building principal. If a student cannot meet the dress requirements of this policy due to the family’s financial condition, the parent or guardian should contact the building principal. The district will refer families to organizations that may assist.

School administration will determine the appropriateness or inappropriateness of the style, manner and fit in which clothing is worn by students. Upon enrollment during the school year, a student will have five school days to comply with the dress code.

The following dress code will govern student dress for the Cape Girardeau Public School District.

General Information


1.         Clothing shall be clean, in good repair, and shall have no holes, cuts or tears.


2.         All clothing should be within one size of proper fit.



1.         Shirts shall be collared and in any solid color, designed to button at the neck, in short or long sleeve with no more than the top button remaining unfastened. Turtleneck shirts in any solid color are permitted. School-oriented and approved crew-neck T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies are also permitted.


2.         District-approved CGPS logos or graphics are allowed. Brand name clothing logos are permitted if the logo is an inch and a half or smaller.


3.         Shirts must be proper length and fit, tucked into pants if excessive in length or non-tailored. Excessive in length is defined as being longer than the fingertips when the student’s hands are down at his/her sides. Shirts/Tops and pants/bottoms must overlap at all times, including when arms are raised.


4.         White tops must have either a white undershirt or white or flesh colored undergarments.


5.         Solid colored T-shirt or turtleneck may be worn under collared shirts.


6.         Solid colored vests, sweaters, v-neck sweaters, sweatshirts and pullovers are permitted and must have an approved shirt underneath.


7.         Excessively large, baggy or skintight tops are prohibited.


8.         Solid colored dresses are permitted and must have sleeves and a collar or high crew neck.


9.         Coats, jackets, hoodies and sweatshirts worn inside the building throughout the day must be solid color or school oriented and may have a logo four inches or smaller and must have an approved shirt underneath.



1.         Solid colored pants, shorts, capris, skirts, skorts and jumpers are permitted. Colors will be limited to khaki (tan spectrum), black and navy. Blue jeans are permitted.


2.         Low-rise, hip-hugger, tight-fitting, skinny, jeggings, stretchy, shiny, leather or leather-like material, sweatpants, wind pants, sagging, baggy and over-length styles are not permitted.


3.         All bottoms must fit to waist and be hemmed.


4.         Shorts, skirts, dresses, jumpers and skorts must be no shorter than two inches above the top of the knee.



1.         Belts are required and worn at the waist at the middle school and secondary levels.


2.         Shoestrings and shoe straps must be attached and worn properly.


3.         No flip-flops, slides, houseshoes, high heels, skates or platform shoes are permitted.


4.         Hats, caps, sock hats, curlers, sweatbands, stockings, bandannas, head scarves, visors, sunglasses or other similar head coverings shall not be worn to class or within the school building. Hoods on clothing may not be worn over the head in the building.


5.         No spiked accessories or chains (including those attached to wallets or belt loops) are permitted.


6.         Solid colored tights, leggings or jeggings may only be worn under skirts, dresses, skorts or jumpers.

Spirit Wear


1.         Building administration may designate days as spirit days and allow some specific exceptions to the above-stated requirements on those days. However, guidelines regarding neatness, safety, modesty and modes of apparel will be adhered to on these days.


2.         Athletes, cheerleaders, co-curricular teams and extracurricular groups may wear approved team-issued clothing on game or event day.


The school shall attempt to call the student’s parent or guardian to determine whether the student has dress code appropriate clothing. If so, the parent will be requested to bring the clothing to school. If appropriate clothing can be provided, the student will be allowed in class. Discipline will be addressed based on policy JG.

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Note:  The reader is encouraged to check the index located at the beginning of this section for other pertinent policies and to review administrative procedures and/or forms for related information.


Adopted:         06/29/2009


Revised:          02/27/2012; 02/25/2013


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Cape Girardeau School District No. 63, Cape Girardeau, Missouri


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