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The East Newton R-VI School District will follow the requirements as established by state law and regulation for the implementation and administration of the A+ Schools Program. The district shall employ an A+ Schools Program coordinator, as required by law.

Program Goals

The East Newton R-VI School District has established the following goals and performance standards:


1.         All students graduate from high school.


2.         All students complete a selection of high school studies that is challenging and for which there are identified learning expectations.


3.         All students proceed from high school graduation to a college, postsecondary career-technical school or high-wage job with workplace skill development opportunities.

Citizenship Component

An important component of the A+ Schools Program is the fostering of good citizenship in our district's students. A student demonstrates good citizenship by showing respect for self, law, property and the rights of others. Students have not demonstrated good citizenship if they have:


1.         Unlawfully used or possessed drugs, drug paraphernalia or alcohol on or off school property.

2.         Received 16 hours of disciplinary action.

3.         Received one (1) out-of-school suspension six (6) days or more.

4.         Received two (2) out-of-school suspensions five (5) days or less.

5.         Received an expulsion from school.

Participation Agreement, Discipline and Appeal

All students wishing to participate in the A+ program must submit a completed A+ participation agreement, sign a consent for random drug testing and sign an A+ Good Citizenship Policy agreement. If the coordinator determines that a student who has submitted a participation agreement has violated the terms of the agreement or district policies or procedures regarding A+ participation, the coordinator will notify the student in writing and may put the student on probation or expel the student from the program. The student or the student's parents/guardians may appeal expulsion from the program, in accordance with written district procedures, first to the A+ committee, the building principal, the superintendent and then to the Board of Education. The student's appeal will be heard in closed session, and the student’s parents/guardians will be notified of the decision.



1.         Accumulation of eight (8) hours of disciplinary action

2.         First offense out-of-school suspension five (5) days or less



1.         First offense possession or use of alcohol

2.         First offense possession or use of illegal drugs

3.         Accumulation of 16 hours of disciplinary action

4.         Probations with an additional accumulation of eight (8) hours of disciplinary action

5.         Second offense out-of-school suspension five (5) days or less

6.         First offense out-of-school suspension six (6) days or more

7.         Expulsion from school

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Note:  The reader is encouraged to check the index located at the beginning of this section for other pertinent policies and to review administrative procedures and/or forms for related information.


Adopted:         01/24/2008


Last Revised:  05/20/2011


Cross Refs:     IGBD, At-Risk Students


Legal Refs:     § 160.545, RSMo.

East Newton R-VI School District, Granby, Missouri


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