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Part-Time Teachers

Part-time teachers shall meet the qualifications required of full-time teachers in the district, as well as the requirements for teachers under state law and/or state regulations. Part-time teachers must satisfactorily complete the same background checks and screenings required of full-time teachers by the district.

The contracts of all professional staff employed on a regular, part-time basis must explicitly state the percentage of full-time employment (FTE) that the employee is contracted to work so that the district may accurately calculate the accumulation of tenure.

Job Sharing

The district may employ classroom teachers through a job-sharing arrangement. Classroom teachers in a job-sharing position shall receive paid legal holidays and paid leave applicable to all classroom teachers on a pro-rata basis.

A job-sharing position shall mean any position that is shared with one (1) other employee, requires employment of at least 17 and no more than 20 hours per week on a regular basis and requires at least 70 percent of all time spent in classroom instruction.

Previously Retired Teachers

Any person retired and currently receiving a retirement allowance other than for disability under the Missouri Public School Retirement System may be employed in any capacity on either a part-time or temporary/substitute basis not to exceed a total of 550 hours in any one (1) school year and, through such employment, may earn up to 50 percent of the annual compensation payable under the employing district's salary schedule for the position or positions filled by the retiree, given such person's level of experience and education, without a discontinuance of the person's retirement allowance.

If the position in question is not subject to the district's salary schedule, an employed retiree may earn up to 50 percent of the annual compensation paid to the person or persons who last held such position or positions. If the position or positions did not previously exist, the compensation limit shall be determined in accordance with rules of the Board of Trustees of the retirement system provided that it shall not exceed 50 percent of the annual compensation payable for the position in the school district that is most comparable to the position filled by the retiree.

In any case where a retiree fills more than one (1) position during the school year, the 50 percent limit on permitted earnings shall be based on the annual compensation of the highest paid position occupied by the retiree for at least one-fifth of the total hours worked during the year. Such a person shall not contribute to the retirement system or to the Public Education Employee Retirement System because of earnings during such period of employment.

A retired teacher may be employed for more than 550 hours, but this will result in a new retirement account being established pursuant to law, and he or she shall not be eligible to receive his or her retirement allowance for any month during which he or she is so employed.

Re-Employment of Recently Retired Employees

The Board prohibits the re-employment of former employees who have retired in any position unless the need for and creation of such position is clear and would otherwise benefit the district.

This does not apply to retired teachers who return occasionally to help as substitute teachers.

Substitute Teachers

All substitute teachers must be certified by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) through an application submitted in accordance with state law. The superintendent will present an initial list of substitute teachers to the Board for approval. If substitute teachers are added to or removed from the list, the superintendent will submit the revised list or the individual changes to the Board for approval.

The compensation of substitute teachers is determined annually by the Board. In the event that a substitute should remain on the same job for twenty (20) or more consecutive days, the daily rate will be somewhat higher.

Should a person be employed as a substitute teacher for a quarter* or more in the same job, a contract shall be prepared and signed by the Board and the teacher. The rate of pay for a substitute in this case shall be the base pay of the salary schedule based on the training of the teacher. (Example: Anyone with a bachelor's degree would be placed on Step BS-O; anyone with a master's degree would be placed on Step MA-O; etc.)


*          A quarter equals 45 days, except for the last quarter in the school year.

Substitute Teaching While on Medical Leave

Teachers of the Kirksville R-III School District who are on medical leave are not eligible to substitute teach during any portion of their leave period.

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Adopted:         08/17/1992


Revised:          02/10/2004; 02/22/2005; 01/23/2007; 04/12/2011


Legal Refs:     §§ 162.301, 168.101 - .130, .303, 169.560, RSMo.

5 C.S.R. 20-400.220

Kirksville R-III School District, Kirksville, Missouri


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