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The Board of Education is committed to providing excellence in educational opportunities for all students in the district. A vital part of this excellence in education is the recruitment, retention and recognition of high-quality, certified administrators and professional staff who can provide exceptional leadership and learning experiences for individuals, schools and the district at large. One significant aspect of maintaining a high-quality educational environment is providing contracted administrative staff the opportunity to voluntarily participate in the Administrative Recruitment and Retention Program.

The program is designed to:

Serve the students and/or staff of the district by providing additional education support and learning opportunities from those members of the administrative staff with the most knowledge and experience.

Encourage the most knowledgeable and experienced administrative staff to stay with the district longer than they would without the Administrative Recruitment and Retention Program.

Assist the district in recruitment and retention of a knowledgeable and skilled administrative staff.

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Note:The reader is encouraged to review administrative procedures and/or forms for related information in support of this policy area.

Adopted: 06/10/2003Last Revised: 03/09/2004

Cross Refs:DJC, Bidding Requirements

Legal Refs: 67.150,.210, 169.590, RSMo.

29 USC 1161-1168, Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

Lindbergh Schools, St. Louis, Missouri


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