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Professional staff members shall be participants in the Public School Retirement System (PSRS) of the State of Missouri or in the Public Education Retirement System(PEERS) as allowed by law. A retired employee, as well as his or her dependents, surviving spouse and children, shall be allowed to remain or become members in non-insurance health benefit programs, self-funded plans and insured plans by qualifying for the coverage in the manner prescribed by law under the provisions of such plan and paying the premiums of said plans.

Persons engaged by the district as independent contractors, including consultants, are not by virtue of such engagement considered employees of the district for purposes of membership or contribution to PSRS or PEERS.

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Revised:03/09/2004; 03/13/2007

Legal Refs: 169.010 - .130, .270 - .400, .560 - .596, .600 - .712, RSMo.

Age Discrimination in Employment Act, 29 U.S.C. 621 - 634

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