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The Lindbergh Schools Board of Education recognizes that well-trained support staff employees positively impact student achievement and are essential for the district's mission and the efficient and economical operation of the schools. Therefore, the district will provide relevant professional development activities for the support staff of the district. The superintendent or designee is directed to create a support staff professional development committee (SSPDC). The district will conduct needs assessments that serve to identify the professional development needs of support staff employees.

All personnel have the opportunity for advancement on the salary scale by taking classes or training courses to improve knowledge and skills in each of their assigned areas. All improvement activities must receive prior approval if tuition or registration reimbursement are requested.

Support staff may be granted leave to attend classes or conferences, meet with mentors or participate in other approved professional growth activities in accordance with the district's leave policy.

Tuition Reimbursement

To ensure proper personnel credit (additional courses from colleges and/or additional courses from community colleges or community education programs) request for approval of courses must be made to the assistant superintendent for personnel before the course is taken. The course work must be related to the district’s Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP).

In all cases, approval request and/or tuition reimbursement applications must be forwarded to the assistant superintendent before the course is taken. Neither credit nor reimbursement will be given if the course is not approved in advance.

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Adopted:         03/09/2004


Revised:          06/10/2008; 01/11/2011


Cross Refs:     ADF, District Wellness Program

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