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The superintendent shall direct the formulation and revision of salary schedules within the financial resources of the district and in terms of providing fair and reasonable compensation for the employees of the district.



1.         Each year the Board considers, adopts and publishes a salary schedule.


2.         Salaries of returning or re-employed teachers are set by direct Board action in accordance with the salary schedule and the rules and regulations of the Board.


3.         Outside or prior teaching experience is recognized as valuable training and as being worthy of consideration in determining the salaries of newly employed teachers. The amount to be allowed for prior service shall be determined by the superintendent or designee in accordance with the following provisions:


            a.         Current salary schedule column placement for educational achievement.


            b.         Step placement for length of prior teaching experience.


            c.         Teachers in designated “critical needs” areas may be placed on any step up to their total years of teaching experience. This placement becomes permanent after a minimum of five (5) years teaching in a “critical needs” area.


            d.         A teacher hired in a “critical needs” area may receive a one (1) time $500 “critical needs” stipend.


            e.         Experience steps on the teacher salary schedule may be given for work experience in areas directly associated with the position being filled by the new hire. Up to one (1) year step advancement for each two (2) years of work experience may be granted.


4.         Teacher contracts shall state the number of months, the beginning dates, the annual salary and for late hire contracts the amount to be prorated. All professional, certificated personnel shall be paid on the basis of 12 equal monthly installments, irrespective of the number of months of employment. Part-time teacher contracts will state the percentage of FTE the teacher will work, which will be used in calculating tenure.


5.         Teacher placement on the salary schedule will be determined from the official transcript of credit and a bona fide statement from former employers of prior service and/or work experience.


6.         For instances where a master’s degree is required for certification and the minimum degree requirements exceed 40 hours, teachers will receive additional credit on the teacher salary schedule.


7.         Each spring teachers shall be notified of their step and column placement on the teacher’s salary schedule.


8.         The annual salary of a teacher who has reached the top of his or her salary classification and has had no salary increase for a five-year period shall receive a salary increase in the amount of difference between the maximum rate for the teacher’s classification and the preceding step of this classification. Each time the maximum salary in his or her salary classification changes, a new five-year period begins.


9.         Salary placement for a teacher employed for a portion of a school year and who is re-employed for the following school year will be determined in the following manner: Step increases are not allowed a teacher who was under contract for less than 120 duty days except those teachers covered under the sabbatical leave policy.


10.       If a teacher’s work is not satisfactory, such teacher may be retained at the previous year’s salary after appropriate due process as required by law.


11.       Classroom teachers who voluntarily separated from the district and are re-employed shall retain their placement on the salary schedule and accumulated sick leave within 15 months, provided no payment for unused sick leave was made.

Placement of New Teachers On Salary Schedule

New teachers will be given credit for one (1) full year of teaching if the teacher completed 120 days of active service.

Advancement to Higher Categories


1.         Salary increases for teachers who qualify for advancement on the salary schedule will be determined according to the following:


            a.         Teachers who qualify for advancement to a new salary column prior to the time contracts are written for the following year will be moved across to the appropriate column and then down one step.


            b.         Teachers qualifying for advancement to a new salary column after contracts are written will be moved across to the appropriate new column.


            c.         Teachers at the top of their respective salary steps who qualify for advancement to a new salary column will be moved to the appropriate new column.


            d.         Teachers who have been held on step for less than one (1) year and receive a step and column change during the next year, may receive a step change the following September.


2.         To qualify for advancement to a higher salary category, graduate credit or in some cases approved undergraduate credit must be earned after a degree has been certified as awarded by an accredited institution. Credit hours earned prior to or in conjunction with the earning of a degree cannot be considered for advancement to a salary category beyond the degree awarded.


3.         Professional Growth Credit for credit hours earned may apply toward advancement on the salary schedule.


4.         By the completion of the Professional Growth Credit (PGC) course, the teacher will indicate whether the PGC shall be applied to the salary schedule as outlined in this policy or “bank” the PGC hours for some future point in time. At that future point in time he or she will have to notify the district in writing of his or her intent to apply the “banked” PGC for advancement on the salary schedule. If the teacher does not use the PGC at the time it is earned or does not wish to “bank” them for later use, the teacher may receive compensation for those PGC courses. The PGC may only be used in one of the three (3) options available and once the decision is implemented it may not be reversed at a later date.


5.         The teacher shall file with the personnel office an official transcript, regularly certified under seal, issued by the institution awarding the same, of all college or university hours of credit earned by the teacher which have not been previously reported by an official transcript of the awarding institution already filed with the district. The filing of this transcript will enable the district to lawfully certify as to the same in its classification report to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and to enable the district to lawfully make salary adjustments in accordance with the adopted salary schedule.

Contract Changes

Contract changes are made at the following times:


a.         At the time of issuance of new contracts for returning teachers.


b.         Twice during the school year, September 15 and February 5.


c.         Official transcripts must be received by the fifteenth of September or the fifth of February to qualify a teacher to advance to a higher salary category and will result in an adjusted contract. The prorated monthly increase will be reflected beginning with that month’s paycheck.


d.         In the event that official transcripts are not received by the September 15 deadline, official notification from the college/university or an original copy of the grade report will be accepted. The official notification should be from a professor or registrar, indicating the name of the class/course, level of credit and number of credit hours earned. The official transcript must be received no later than the last business day in October, or the increase will be forfeited and the amount paid for the lane movement will be recovered by the district.


e.         Only two (2) column movements on the salary schedule may occur per school year.

Administrative and Supervisory Personnel

The salary of supervisors, principals and other administrative personnel shall be determined by the Board upon the recommendation of the superintendent.

Professional Growth


1.         Request for approval of professional growth requirements or college credit from a nationally accredited college or university must be obtained in advance of taking the course. This approval is obtained through the district online professional growth portfolio process.


2.         Only graduate and approved undergraduate hours earned after a degree has been certified as awarded by an accredited institution as well as professional growth equivalent credit hours earned pursuant to the program for in-service credit apply toward advancement in the salary schedule. The superintendent’s designee is authorized to approve professional growth, graduate and undergraduate college credit for advancement on the teacher salary schedule. Such credit shall be directly related to the teacher’s instructional assignment, applicable toward additional certification beneficial to the district or at the request of the district.

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Note:  The reader is encouraged to check the index located at the beginning of this section for other pertinent policies and to review administrative procedures and/or forms for related information.


Adopted:         02/11/2003


Revised:          04/26/2005; 02/13/2007; 03/08/2011


Legal Refs:     §§ 163.172, 168.110 (2), RSMo.

Mo. Const. Art. III, § 38(a), 39(3)

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