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The transfer of personnel to positions in the various schools and departments in the district shall be made by the superintendent or designee. Such transfer shall be based upon consideration relevant to providing the most effective teaching/learning situation possible in each individual instance and for the district as a whole. The Board recognizes that staff transfers and reassignments (including temporary staff assignments and voluntary staff rotation) can be a key component of professional development.


Transfer is the movement of a teacher from one attendance unit to another or the movement of a teacher into or out of the district departments specified as follows: Pupil Services, Elementary Art, Elementary Music, Elementary Library, Elementary Physical Education, Elementary Reading Improvement, Chapter I and Elementary Counselors. Movements within any of such district departments are not transfers under this policy. However, where the assignment of a teacher to one of such departments also includes the customary and regular (one [1] school year or more) assignment to a single attendance unit, such teacher will be considered assigned to an attendance unit rather than to such department for the purposes only of this policy.

Reassignment is a change in assignment, within the same attendance unit or district department other than a temporary change, which is not a transfer under this policy. The building administrator may change specific assignments within the same attendance unit and within the same general classification from year to year as the needs of the school demand. The assignment of teachers to classrooms is the responsibility of the principal of the school involved.

Administration-initiated transfers involve the transfer of personnel from one attendance unit to another and will be made only when necessary and in the best interest of the school system. The administration is charged with the responsibility of staffing all of the programs of the district. The programs of the district include curricular, cocurricular and extracurricular offerings. Administratively initiated transfer shall have precedence over all other requests for transfers and will be used whenever necessary to provide the best available educational opportunities for students. Examples of necessary transfers are those which may be needed to achieve staff balance, to strengthen problem program areas and to accommodate enrollment change.

When administratively initiated transfers are necessary, the following factors will be considered (no single factor shall be controlling:


1.         Qualifications and preparations of the staff member (certification, subject matter area, currency in training)


2.         Preferences of staff member regarding assignment or transfer.


3.         Quality of teaching performance.


4.         Length and nature of service in the North Kansas City School District (uninterrupted district seniority).


5.         Staff availability.


6.         Other factors relevant to the instructional program of the district (sponsor of cocurricular or extracurricular activities)

Teacher-initiated transfers may be considered when professional staff desire to transfer to a different position or building by submitting the appropriate Employee In-District Transfer Request form to the Human Resources Department on or before the third Friday in January of each school year. Teachers on Instructional Improvement Plan are not eligible for transfers.

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Note:  The reader is encouraged to check the index located at the beginning of this section for other pertinent policies and to review administrative procedures and/or forms for related information.


Adopted:         02/11/2003


Revised:          08/30/2005; 05/06/2008; 12/13/2011


Cross Refs:     FC, School Closings, Consolidations and Reorganizations

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