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1.         Teachers are under no obligation to join or refrain from joining any organization or association. The Board will deduct dues for membership in the NKC-NEA, MSTA, AFT from the salaries of teaching employees who individually and voluntarily file with the payroll office a signed and dated payroll authorization deduction card. If a teaching employee has no earnings due for any month, no deduction will be made for that month. The association(s) will arrange collection of dues for that month directly with the employee.


2.         Representatives to the annual state teachers’ organization(s) M-NEA, MSTA, MFT meetings may be granted leaves with pay. One representative will be approved for every 50 members or major fraction thereof. An organization with fewer than 50 paid members will qualify for one representative.


3.         The majority teacher organization shall annually by November 1 provide the Board with a current, written copy of its local constitution and by-laws and the names, titles and addresses of all local officers including executive secretaries and regional representatives. Such listing of local officers and representatives shall be maintained so as to be current at all times. The Board recognizes that the membership of the North Kansas City National Education Association, as certified by its president, represents a majority of the total number of certified teachers employed by the district. The Board, therefore, recognizes the NKC-NEA as broadly representative of the professional staff.


4.         The Board recognizes as the exclusive bargaining representative on Collaborative Team for Teach Negotiations (CTTN) the majority teacher organization as determined by Section 3. The bargaining unit applies as follows: All teacher and teacher-level professional employees providing services in North Kansas City Schools, exclusive of supervisory and administrative employees, full or part time, who are paid on the basis of the teacher salary schedule. The terms “employee” and “teacher” shall refer to unit members who are regularly employed as professional-level staff (including, but not limited to, teachers, counselors, library media specialists and lead teachers) who are paid on the “Teacher Salary Schedule.”


5.         In addition to leave benefits provided above, representatives of the local Majority teacher organization will be granted 18 days of leave with pay. Such leave for any individual representative shall not exceed five days in any school year. However, the president of such organization may be granted an additional five days upon application as provided in this paragraph. Application for leave pursuant to this paragraph with names and reasons for the absence will be submitted to the assistant superintendent-management services by the president of the organization five work days in advance of the requested leave.


6.         While on leave pursuant to this policy, representatives of the majority teacher organization shall be permitted to visit the North Kansas City School District schools only for purposes consistent with the administration of Board policies as they relate to certificated personnel, upon prior permission from and appointment with the principal of the building involved or his or her designee. The administration of the district acting through its principals will not arbitrarily withhold such permission. The principal or designee may accompany the Majority teacher organization representative during the visit in the school. This visitation privilege must not be misused and the instruction of students, the administration of school programs and all related education activities and preparation therefore will not be disrupted.


7.         A teacher elected to the state level board of directors in the MSTA or MFT will be granted leave with pay to the annual state teachers’ meeting. The maximum number of leave days granted such officers shall not exceed three days per officer or six days per organization.


8.         A teacher elected or appointed to a national level committee in the above named organization(s) will be granted leave without pay to attend national committee meetings. The maximum leave days shall not exceed three days per officer or six days per organization per year.


9.         The association may use an area of a school building for meeting purposes provided that such meetings are scheduled outside the normal duty day and do not interfere with nor interrupt the normal operation of the school. Such use of facilities shall be in accordance with Board polices on use of school facilities.


10.       The Board will not discriminate against any teacher because of membership or non-membership in any organization which purports to represent teachers or because of having represented other teachers in employment matters with the Board.


11.       Notice shall be provided to the majority teacher organization in advance of board action on personnel policies that specifically affect certificated employees paid according to the classroom teachers’ salary schedule. The superintendent or designee shall also give notice and an offer to consult with respect to the annual school calendar at least 30 days prior to its adoption by the Board except where failure to do so is beyond the control of the Superintendent or designee.


12.       Members of the Board, the superintendent or designee and members of the majority teacher organization shall meet at least two times annually to informally discuss items of mutual concern. Upon mutual agreement, additional meetings may be scheduled. The president of the majority teacher organization and the Superintendent shall cooperatively establish the agenda for such meetings.


13.       When the majority teacher organization or other groups find it necessary to discuss a matter or make a formal proposal, they shall make their requests to the superintendent or designee. Accompanying the request for conference will be a written statement setting forth the nature of the concern. Such a request shall result in timely discussions between the superintendent or designee and representatives of the group initiating the request in order to resolve the issues. Requests for conferences may also move in the opposite direction. When the Superintendent or the Board desires to discuss a matter of concern with the majority teacher organization, a request for conference shall be directed to the president of the majority teacher organization through the superintendent. In cases where no mutual agreement can be reached, the majority teacher organization may request that the Superintendent arrange a conference with the Board.

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Note:  The reader is encouraged to check the index located at the beginning of this section for other pertinent policies and to review administrative procedures and/or forms for related information.


Adopted:         02/11/2003


Revised:          03/19/2013


Cross Refs:     DLB, Salary Deductions

KG, Community Use of District Facilities

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