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The development of a strong, competent support staff and the maintenance of high morale among the staff are major objectives of the Board of Education. The selection of qualified employees to fill vacancies, the determination of assignments and equitable work loads, the establishment of wage and salary schedules which encourage employees to put forth their best efforts and the evaluation of employee achievements are some of the major responsibilities of the Board and administrative staff. A program of continuous evaluation is necessary in fulfilling these responsibilities.

All supervisors and/or principals will complete a written evaluation on all support staff under their supervision. All support staff employees will be evaluated near or at the end of their first three (3) months from their date of employment and at least once every year thereafter. The supervisors and/or principals will evaluate the performance of employees under their supervision in the following areas:


          Job knowledge

          Quality of work

          Quantity of work



          Other areas as appropriate for the specific job

This evaluation will be used to increase job proficiency, and also to determine eligibility for continued employment.

All employees will be given an explanation of duties and responsibilities, and will be provided guidance by their immediate supervisors in performing them satisfactorily. In addition, supervisors have the responsibility to inform each employee under their supervision in advance of the criteria to be used in the evaluative process. Supervisors and/or principals should justify any recommended salary increases on the basis of performance in the above-named evaluative areas.

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Adopted:         08/24/2004


Revised:          03/08/2005

North Kansas City School District, Kansas City, Missouri


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