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(Visitor Attendance Guidelines for Open Meetings)


All meetings are posted and open to the public under the Missouri Sunshine Law provisions. Visitors are welcome as observers and the following guidelines serve as standards for observing Board of Education open meetings:


          All visitors are requested to sign in and sit in visitor-designated seating areas.


          Dialogue, discussion, questions and comments regarding meeting agendas are between members of the committee/team. Visitors do not participate in meeting discussions and no time is available for visitor comments to the committee/team during meetings.


          Visitors may not discuss agenda items or content with members of the Board of Education or committee/team members during the session or at break times of scheduled meetings.


          Committee/Team members will be available for questions, comments and discussions with visitors (including BOE, staff, media and patrons) after the end of the scheduled meeting time.

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Implemented: 11/30/2004


Revised:          07/17/2007

North Kansas City School District, Kansas City, Missouri


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