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(Testing Procedures for Employees Other Than Drivers)


In accordance with Board policy, the following procedures apply to drug and alcohol testing of employees.

Program Coordinator

The Human Resources Officer-Classified shall serve as the program coordinator to implement the alcohol and drug testing program of the district.

Reasonable Suspicion Tests

Any supervisor who has reasonable suspicion to believe that an employee has violated the alcohol or drug prohibitions of the district shall immediately report those findings to the building principal in writing. The report will include all physical symptoms and background information that created the reasonable suspicion. The building principal and supervisor will determine if a drug or alcohol test is appropriate. If the building principal is the suspected employee's supervisor, the principal may determine whether a drug test is appropriate.

Alcohol testing is authorized for reasonable suspicion only if the required observations are made just before, during or just after the period of the work day when the employee must comply with alcohol prohibitions. No drug or alcohol test may be administered by the person who determines reasonable suspicion exists to conduct such a test. Alcohol and drug tests will be administered as soon as possible. If a test is not administered within two (2) hours of a determination of reasonable suspicion, the supervisor shall prepare and maintain a record explaining why this was not done.


An employee who tests positive for alcohol or drugs in violation of Board policy will be subject to disciplinary actions up to and including termination. All disciplinary actions will be administered in accordance with Board policy and law.


The district will use only collection facilities with appropriately trained personnel for alcohol and drug testing. Employees will be drug-tested for marijuana metabolites, cocaine metabolites, amphetamines, opiate metabolites and phencyclidine (PCP).


The program coordinator shall ensure that all employees receive written materials explaining the district's drug and alcohol misuse prevention program, including copies of or access to applicable policies, procedures, handbooks or other resources that include:


1.         The identity of the program coordinator, who will have knowledge of the materials, policy and administrative procedures.


2.         Categories of employees covered.


3.         Information about what period of the work day the employee is required to be in compliance.


4.         Specific information concerning prohibited conduct.


5.         Circumstances under which employees will be tested.


6.         Procedures used in the testing process.


7.         An explanation of what constitutes a refusal to submit to a drug and/or alcohol test.


8.         Consequences of violations (e.g. discipline up to and including dismissal, referral to substance abuse professional for evaluation, treatment and follow-up testing as required).


9.         Information on the effects of drug use and alcohol misuse on personal life, health and safety in the workplace.

Employees shall sign statements certifying that they have received the materials.

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Implemented: 12/13/2005

North Kansas City School District, Kansas City, Missouri


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