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Administration-Initiated Transfers


1.         The teacher to be administratively transferred shall be consulted privately by the building principal and told the reasons for recommended administrative transfer prior to any final decision. Teachers not directly responsible to a principal shall be consulted by the administrator to whom they are directly responsible.


2.         The official notice of any transfer shall be given by the human resources department to the teacher involved as soon as it has been determined a transfer is necessary. If a transfer is deemed necessary after the school year has begun, the notice shall include a reasonable period of time for those involved to complete the transfer. One (1) day of preparation/orientation time at the new school may also be provided.


3.         The office of human resources shall meet with each teacher being administratively transferred to determine the teacher's preference of teaching assignment, building location, etc. prior to any assignment of staff. The administratively transferred teacher will be assigned to an available position within the teacher's areas of certification and qualification.


4.         If a teacher objects to a new assignment within a building, to being placed on administrative transfer or to the procedures followed in implementing the reassignment, the teacher may appeal through the district's grievance procedure.

Teacher-Initiated Transfers


1.         Notice of certificated staff teaching and administrative positions, determined by the administration to be open shall be posted for a minimum of five (5) work days on the district web page except for the July and August non-posting period.


2.         Teachers desiring to interview for a posted vacancy must make written application using the online form. This form is then sent to the Human Resources (HR) department. The HR department will contact the building administrator where the vacancy exists to arrange for an interview. Teachers must also notify their present supervisor of this application.


3.         Building administrators will acknowledge receipt of requests for interview within ten (10) working days.


4.         Building administrators will interview any transfer applicant they have not interviewed for a similar position within the previous 18 months and is certified and/or qualified for the position. The building administrator will notify applicants previously interviewed or determined to lack certification and/or qualification of this determination.


5.         Teachers shall be notified by the human resources department as soon as possible after a decision regarding the transfer has been reached.


6.         Teachers transferred after the start of school may be granted up to one full day of release time to prepare for the new assignment.


7.         Teachers new to the district who are not assigned to a building (hiring pool) will be placed in a position after the principal completes interviews of initial candidates without making a recommendation to hire.


8.         After June 10, hiring pool teachers may be placed in vacancies without internal candidates being interviewed if the administrator responsible for hiring is not available.


9.         When teachers with a specific certification are determined high-need by the human resources department, a teacher with that certification cannot transfer out of the high-need area to a position that is not classified as high-need unless a satisfactory replacement is obtained, but may transfer to a new position also requiring the high-need certification.



1.         The building administrator may change specific assignments within the same attendance unit and within the same general classification from year to year as the needs of the school demand. Staffing reassignments will be submitted to the associate superintendent-administrative services and associate superintendent-educational services. Upon request the reason for an unrequested change in assignment will be given to the teacher involved.


2.         Teachers may make written application (including e-mail) for reassignments to the principal or supervisor on or before February 15 for the following school year. However, teachers may make written application for reassignment to fill specific vacancies which occur after the schedule of assignments has been prepared. The application shall set forth the reasons for reassignment, grade or position sought and the applicant's academic qualifications and certification. The applicant will be granted a conference with the principal or supervisor to discuss the reassignment if requested.


3.         In making reassignments all relevant factors will be considered. The decisions and rationale will be communicated to all parties involved. Reassignment decisions may be appealed to the human resources department.


4.         To the extent administratively feasible returning teachers will be notified of reassignment by May 15. If notification by May 15 is not possible, the teacher will be given an explanation of the reasons why.

Instructional Space


1.         The assignment of teachers to classrooms is the responsibility of the principal of the school involved. In recognition of the impact of the learning environment on educational achievement, assignment either to a single or to a limited number of classrooms in a school day is preferred. However, it is recognized that the assignment of teachers to multiple classrooms in a school day may be required because of the location of teaching equipment and supplies, the requirements of a course of instruction or scheduling problems. Where unusual scheduling problems require the assignment of teachers to three (3) or more different classrooms in a single day, the schedule will be reviewed by the superintendent or designee.


2.         Each teacher shall be furnished with desk space and storage space for materials, records and equipment.

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Implemented: 02/11/2003


Revised:          04/23/2004; 07/19/2005; 06/10/2008

North Kansas City School District, Kansas City, Missouri


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