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(Gifted Identification and Placement)


The North Kansas City School District uses a systematic process for the identification of gifted students that is composed of multiple criteria, including objective measures and competent professional evaluation.


The district will provide screening for all students to ensure that all potentially gifted students have an opportunity for consideration. All available data, including information contained in the permanent record, will be considered during the screening process.

The district will use a variety of screening methods that reduce the chance of bias and provide an opportunity to identify the strengths of all students, including those students difficult to identify and traditionally under-represented, such as students with limited English proficiency, students from culturally diverse backgrounds, students with learning disabilities and students with physical challenges.

The district uses the following screening methods:


1.         Nationally normed achievement test scores at the 95th percentile or above

2.         Group intelligence test scores at the 95th percentile or above

3.         MAP scores at the 95th percentile or above

4.         Grades

5.         Anecdotal records

6.         Demonstrations of creativity or creative problem solving

7.         Recommendations from teachers and other personnel, parents/guardians and peers

8.         Cognitive Abilities Test at SAS at 125 or above in one (1) area

9.         Iowa Test of Basic Skills at the 95th percentile or above

The district uses the following additional screening methods designed to select students who are hard to identify or traditionally under-represented:


1.         Nonverbal IQ tests

2.         Nonverbal achievement tests

3.         Portfolios of student work

4.         Content-specific assessments

5.         Recommendations from teachers and other personnel, parents/guardians and peers

6.         Formal observations by staff knowledgeable of the characteristics of gifted students

Individual Evaluation

Based on screening results, some students will be targeted for individual evaluation. The program coordinator will determine which students will receive individual evaluation. The district will use a variety of evaluation methods to differentiate between the academically superior student whose educational needs are met by regular classroom programs and the gifted student with needs requiring additional developmental opportunities.

Students will be individually evaluated in the following areas:

General Mental Ability – Including a full-scale score on an individualized intelligence test at or above the 95th percentile. The district uses the following tests of general mental ability:


1.         Wechsler Intelligence Scales

2.         Stanford-Binet Intelligence Tests

3.         Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children

4.         Test of Nonverbal Intelligence

5.         Cognitive Abilities Test

6.         Otis-Lennon Mental Ability Test

7.         Test of Cognitive Skills

8.         Comprehensive Test of Nonverbal Intelligence

9.         Wide Range Intelligence Test

10.       Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test

11.       Other nationally recognized intelligence tests

Academic Ability – Including a norm-referenced test with a cut-off score at the 95th percentile or above on the composite score or on a majority of subtests. The district uses the following tests of academic ability:


1.         Iowa Test of Basic Skills

2.         Stanford Achievement Test Series

3.         Terra Nova

4.         Wechsler Individual Achievement Test

5.         Gates-McGinite Reading Test

6.         Missouri Assessment Program

7.         Wide Range Achievement Test

8.         Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement

9.         Woodcock Reading Test

10.       Woodcock-Johnson Test of Achievement

11.       Other nationally recognized achievement tests

Creativity, Reasoning and Problem-Solving Ability – Including results of instruments indicating outstanding ability in one (1) of the following areas related to the design of the district's gifted program:


1.         Creative and productive thinking

2.         Advanced insight

3.         Outstanding imagination

4.         Innovative or creative reasoning ability

5.         Advanced perception of cause-and-effect relationships

6.         Problem solving

7.         Abstract concepts

The district uses the following creativity/problem-solving assessments:


1.         Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking

2.         Scales for Rating Behavioral Characteristics of Superior Students

Other Ability – Including documented evidence of exceptional performance in a general academic area. The district uses the following to identify gifted students in this area:


1.         Portfolios of student work

2.         Formal observations by people knowledgeable of the characteristics of gifted students

Students are eligible for placement in the gifted program if they meet three (3) of the four (4) criteria individually evaluated.


The district offers the following placement options:


1.         Resource Room Teacher (RRT) model – Pull-out program where the teacher of gifted students spends all of his or her time in the gifted resource classroom.

Grade level(s): K-6


2.         Education Resource Teacher (ERT) model – Pull-out program where the teacher of gifted students spends at least 80 percent of his or her time in the gifted resource room and some time as a resource teacher in the regular classroom.

Grade Level(s): K-6


3.         Special Class Teacher (SCT) model – Special gifted class is part of the student's regular schedule.

Grade level(s): 6-8


4.         Gifted Resource Teacher (GRT) model – Teacher of gifted students works with students and teachers in a resource capacity on a flexible schedule.

Grade level(s): 9-12


5.         Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

Grade level(s): 10-12


6.         International Baccalaureate (IB) classes.

Grade level(s): 11-12

Transfer Students

Transfer students will be placed in the district's gifted program if all of the following are met:


1.         The student was previously placed in a gifted program in a Missouri school district.

2.         The program in which the student was placed is similar to that offered by the district.

3.         The student meets or exceeds the district's placement criteria.

4.         The student and parents/guardians agree to the placement.

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Implemented: 08/30/2005


Revised:          06/10/2008; 01/14/2010


MSIP Refs:     7.2, 7.7, 8.8, 8.10, 8.12

North Kansas City School District, Kansas City, Missouri


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