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(Lau Plan)


The following procedures shall be used by the English Language Learner (ELL) coordinator to implement Board policy pertaining to the identification, instruction and assessment of students who are English language learners.

The ELL coordinator will appoint an ELL advisory committee to assist with the implementation of these procedures. Members of the committee will include, but not be limited to, an administrator, an academic content teacher, an ESL teacher and a counselor.


Upon enrollment, all students will be asked to complete the Student Home Language survey (see IGBH-AF1). Any student who indicates the use of a language other than English will be referred by the person processing the enrollment forms to the ELL coordinator to determine if further English language proficiency assessment is warranted.

Any employee or volunteer of the district who suspects a student might have limited English proficiency must report that suspicion to the ELL coordinator or the principal.

Students identified by the ELL coordinator for additional assessment will be assessed within _____

school days after enrolling.

The following instruments will be used to assess the English proficiency of students: [List all tools, including authentic assessments such as writing samples, used by the district to assess English proficiency.]


The district offers the following instructional options for ELL students: [List the types of instruction offered, such as structured immersion, dual language, etc., and describe how the instruction will be delivered (for example, pull-out programs.)]

The district's program for ELL students involves the following staff members (excluding teachers and other staff members who may serve ELL students in the regular course of their duties) dedicated wholly or partially to implementing the program: [List positions involved directly with the program and include certifications or other qualifications (for example, bilingual assistant, ELL teacher, social worker, etc.)]

Staff members who may serve ELL students in the regular course of their duties but who are not primarily responsible for implementation of the program are provided the following training and resources: [Explain how the district educates all staff members on identifying and assisting ELL students.]


The English proficiency of ELL students is assessed annually. Assessment instruments will cover reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Other assessments are administered in accordance with Board policy IL and administrative procedure IL-AP. The district uses the following assessment instruments, techniques and schedules for ELL assessments: [Include a list of all assessment instruments and techniques used as well as information about the frequency and approximate dates of any assessments scheduled for ELL students. This should include formal and informal types of assessment; e.g., students will read aloud to a teacher or aide at least once each week.]


The goal of the district's ELL program is English proficiency and transition from any specialized programs to a regular course of instruction. The following process will be used to determine when students are ready to transition out of the program and how student progress will be monitored after exiting the program: [List benchmarks and other standards used to determine when a student is ready to leave the program. Also include which staff members are involved in that determination and include who is responsible for follow up.]

Some support may still be required even after a student has transitioned to the regular program. The following services are available to ELL students during and after the transition process: [List services.]

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is addressed in Board policy IGBC. Parents/Guardians will be informed about the district's program, their rights and the plan for their student using form IGBH-AF2.

Program Evaluation

The ELL coordinator and advisory committee will evaluate the district's ELL program annually and prepare a report for the superintendent that will include the types of services provided, the number of students served, the number of students who have exited the program and assessment data. Information from student records will be reported in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Based on the evaluation, the ELL coordinator and advisory committee will make recommendations for modifying and staffing the program and suggestions for resources necessary to improve the effectiveness of the program.

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Implemented: 03/08/2011


MSIP Refs:     7.7

North Kansas City School District, Kansas City, Missouri


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