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(Textbook Selection and Adoption)


Selection of Instructional Resources

Basic textbooks should be selected which provide material current in the field. Selection will be made with the cooperation of the faculty and administration, under the direction of the curriculum director. Textbooks will be selected in the following manner:


1.         A selection committee will be established, composed of the staff members directly involved with and representing all grade levels affected by the selection of the materials, including teachers, administrators, subject area specialists, supervisors, coordinators, department chairs, and the curriculum director. The superintendent or designee shall direct the purchase of the selected textbooks within the limits of the district's adopted budget.


2.         Specific needs for a course of study and selection criteria will be established in writing. Selection criteria will include the match to state standards and district curriculum and assessment practices. The textbook selected will be the one that best fits the established criteria in the opinion of the selection committee. During the evaluation of materials, the value and impact of textbooks will be judged as a whole, taking into account the purpose of the material rather than individual and isolated expressions or incidents of the work. Multi-cultural, disability-aware and gender-fair concepts will also be criteria for selection of materials.


3.         Vendors will be invited to submit examination copies of appropriate materials to the selection committee, but only textbooks filed with the State Board of Education, pursuant to law, will be considered.


4.         Sufficient time will be allowed to evaluate thoroughly all materials submitted by the vendors. The district will seek to procure educational materials from vendors who make the materials available in either Braille format or electronic format which is computer-readable in a form approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, at no greater cost than for regular materials.


5.         A written evaluation of the recommended material will be submitted to the superintendent. Following an audit of all claims, the superintendent or designee will submit the recommendations to the Board for formal approval and authorization of payment.

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Implemented: 02/11/2003

North Kansas City School District, Kansas City, Missouri


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