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Possession of firearms and weapons is prohibited on school premises at all times except for law enforcement officials. Adults and students may possess weapons on school property for the limited purpose of facilitating or participating in a school-sanctioned firearm-related event. The building principal's written approval for the specific school-sanctioned event is required in advance. As used in this policy, the phrase "school premises" includes all district buildings, grounds, vehicles, and parking areas. This prohibition also extends to the sites of school activities whether or not those activities are conducted on school district property.

Individuals found to be in violation of this policy will be dealt with severely. Students will be disciplined up to and including expulsion as provided in policy JG-R. Law enforcement officials will be notified and the individual violating the policy will be directed to leave school premises. Non-students violating this policy will be barred from all school premises and school activities for a period of one (1) year. Subsequent violations by the same individual will result in a permanent bar from school premises and school activities.

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Adopted:       10/09/2003


Cross Refs:    JFCJ, Weapons in School

JG, Student Discipline

JGD, Student Suspension and Expulsion

KG, Use of School Facilities

KK, Visitors to School Property/Events


Legal Refs:    §§ 171.011, 177.031, 571.030, .094, RSMo.

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