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The Board recognizes that fringe benefits, such as insurance opportunities, are an integral part of the total compensation plan for full-time professional staff members. The superintendent or designee will research and present to the Board fringe benefit opportunities that will assist the district in attracting and retaining quality employees.

Unless otherwise indicated in this policy, a professional staff member is considered to be a full-time employee if he or she holds a position designated as full time in the relevant job description.

Benefits Fully or Partially Paid by the District

The district will provide access to and contribute toward the cost of the following benefit options for professional staff members:


1.         Health Insurance – A group insurance program of medical coverage will be provided by the Board for all full-time certificated employees. An employee, at his or her expense, may choose spouse and/or dependent coverage.


2.         Dental Insurance – The Board will provide all full-time certificated employees with A, B, C, D, dental coverage. Such policy will include a $25 deductible, an annual ceiling of $1,000 for A, B and C coverage; and a lifetime ceiling of $1,500 for D coverage. An employee, at his or her expense, may choose spouse and/or dependent coverage.


3.         Short-Term Disability Insurance – Short-term disability insurance will be provided for all full-time certificated employees.


4.         Life Insurance – Life insurance will be provided for all full-time, certificated employees in an amount equal to the individual's annual salary, not including fringe benefits or supplementary pay. Premiums will be paid by the Board of Education. Additional life insurance may be purchased by the employee at the district rate.


5.         Personal Possession Insurance – The Board will provide insurance on certificated employees' personal equipment that is used in the course of instructional duties. This coverage will include a $25 deductible per occurrence. Equipment will be covered only if it is registered with the business office.


6.         Other benefits as approved by the Board.

Full-Time Personnel – Employees whose regular assignment requires them to work not fewer than 30 hours/week for not fewer than six hours per day during the period of the employee's work year, excluding vacation, leave and holidays are eligible to receive paid dental and life insurance. Health insurance will be provided in accordance with law.

Temporary Personnel – Employees who accept assignment(s) for a predetermined period of time will not be provided Board-paid benefits except as required by law. This stipulation shall be included in the posting notices. The length of service for assignment may be based on:


1.         Time needed to complete a specified task;

2.         A specific date set for termination of an assignment;

3.         The return of a full-time or part-time employee from an absence.

In accordance with law, any contract for an insurance policy provided for the benefit of employees will be submitted to competitive bidding at least every three years.

Health Insurance or Group Health Plan

The Board will provide eligible full-time employees access to district-sponsored health insurance or a group health plan, in accordance with federal law. For health insurance or health plan purposes, an eligible employee is defined as a staff member the district reasonably expects to work an average of 30 hours or more per week as determined by law.

The district may require employee contributions toward district-sponsored health insurance or a group health plan as allowed by law.

Any district health insurance contract or plan shall include a provision allowing persons who retire from the district to remain or become members of the plan if they are eligible to receive benefits under the Public School Retirement System of Missouri (PSRS) or the Public Education Employee Retirement System of Missouri (PEERS) by paying premiums.

If employment terminates following the last day of the school year and before the commencement of the ensuing school year, certificated employees will receive Board-paid medical insurance through August 31. Notwithstanding the foregoing provision, certificated employees placed on layoff are eligible for continued health benefits as provided in policy GCPA.


Employees hired prior to June 30, 1990, who chose the annuity option may:


1.         Continue with the annuity option;


2.         Select to participate in the district's insurance program during the open enrollment periods;


            a.         At the time of enrollment in the district's insurance program, the district's annuity contributions will cease and not be reinstated.

This option is available only for full-time certificated employees.

Benefits Provided by the District at Employee Expense

In accordance with law, the district is required to establish a premium-only cafeteria plan unless the district provides health insurance through a self-insured or self-funded group health plan. Even if the district provides health insurance through a self-insured or self-funded plan, the district may choose to offer employees access to a cafeteria plan or other benefits at the employee's expense.

Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986 (COBRA) Requirements

In accordance with law, the district-sponsored health insurance or group health plan will allow for continuing coverage of employees and their spouses, former spouses or dependent children after certain qualifying events upon payment of the applicable premium. This obligation applies to both district-paid and employee-paid options. Qualifying events include, but are not limited to, employee resignation from the district, most situations involving employee termination and situations where an employee's hours have been reduced so that he or she no longer qualifies for district-paid health insurance or the group health plan. The district will provide notices as required by law.

Insurance Committee

A committee will be established to review the district's benefits provided under this policy and to make recommendations concerning the insurance specifications submitted for bid. The committee will be established by the Board of Education. Procedures for selecting members who serve on the committee will be determined by the Board or its designee.

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Adopted:         10/14/1993


Revised:          12/16/1999; 08/10/2000; 11/13/2003; 07/10/2008; 09/10/2009; 12/12/2013


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