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The standard teaching day is defined as that period of time a teacher is required to be in an educational facility as a participant in his or her standard teaching assignment. A teacher is required to be in the classroom each school day at least 20 minutes before the beginning of school. At the close of the school day, each teacher shall be available in the classroom for a reasonable amount of time. It is mandatory that teachers grant before- or after-school time at pupil or parent request for conferences or help pertaining to any teacher-pupil situation. Every full-time teacher in the School District of the City of St. Charles shall have preparation time of not less than 250 minutes per week exclusive of lunch during the school day. Preparation time shall be scheduled as continuous time wherever possible. In any event, teachers (1-12) shall receive at least one 30-minute continuous preparation period per day, except that the building principal, in consultation with the teachers, may make such exceptions as are deemed necessary.

A teacher may leave the school premises during school hours when proper arrangements have been made and consent of a building principal or assistant principal has been obtained. In the absence of a building administrator, notification should be left with the building secretary.

A teacher shall have as a minimum a 25-minute duty-free lunch period.

On days when all students are released from school so that parent-teacher conferences can be held, no additional meetings will be held that teachers will be required to attend. Building principals will seek input from their staffs when changes to scheduled starting and ending times are proposed.

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Adopted:       10/14/1993


Revised:        04/04/2002

St. Charles School District, St. Charles, Missouri


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