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Admission to School Events

Professional employees will be provided with passes to all school-sponsored events upon written request. Employee passes are not transferable.

Voluntary Duty

Participation in supplemental position contracts shall be voluntary whenever possible.

Positions Posted

All vacant supplemental positions will be posted and opened to existing professional employees before applications from nonemployees are considered. Those persons selected for supplemental positions will be paid in accordance with the supplemental rate of pay.

Supplemental Position Contracts and Rate of Pay

Faculty members who accept supplemental positions will be nominated by the principal, recommended by the superintendent, and approved by the Board. Appointees will be issued a contract for the terms of their supplemental position employment stating their particular assignment, its duration and the compensation to be paid. A job description for each position will be established.

Supplemental positions will be reviewed each year by the Association and Administration with an appropriate number of supplemental positions established for each building subject to approval by the Board.

The three (3) types of supplemental position contracts are:


1.       Extended Day -- Presented to certificated employees who teach the same curriculum as taught during the regular instructional day. Compensation shall be prorated based upon the employee's placement on the "professional staff salary schedule."


Sick and personal leave shall be extended based upon the same percentage to determine compensation. Employees eligible for the sick leave reserve may extend their coverage into the extended-day contract assignment.


2.       Extended Year -- Presented to certificated employees who teach or provide other essential services to the district beyond the regular 181-day contracted term. Compensation shall be prorated based upon a per diem rate for the length of required extended year service and the employee's placement on the "professional staff salary schedule."


Accrued sick and personal leave may be used during the extended-year contracted period if an illness or injury prohibits him/her from completing the allocated days within that fiscal year. Employees eligible for the sick leave reserve may extend their coverage into the extended-year contract assignment.


3.       Extra Allowance -- Presented to certificated employees who teach additional periods during the regular school day for a predetermined period of time or who fill any of the following types of assignments:


          a.       coaches                                        d.       directors

          b.       sponsors                                      e.       vocational program coordinators

          c.       coordinators                                 f.       driver's education instructors


Compensation for certificated employees who teach additional periods during the school day shall be prorated based upon the employee's placement on the professional salary schedule. Compensation shall be set according to the district's established rating system. Regular sick or personal leave does not extend into absences in these areas. However, he/she may receive medical disability for that year if he/she has completed five (5) consecutive extra-allowance and regular teaching contracts. (See Sick Leave for Extra-Allowance Assignments.)

Professional Employees Substituting

Professional employees who substitute for another employee shall be paid at the existing hourly/daily incremental substitute pay rate established by the Board.

The building principal will direct a teacher who has volunteered and is available to cover a class for another teacher. The hourly/daily incremental substitute pay rate will be posted annually in the building. In the event of an emergency when no other substitute is available, the principal may designate a staff member to supervise a class during planning time. The staff member will be required to fill in no more than once per semester.

Department Coordinators

It is recognized that positions at the middle and high school levels known as department coordinators are a necessary and essential link in the efficient flow of communications within each building.


A.      High school principals shall designate up to 14 department coordinator positions per semester within their buildings.


High school principals may designate up to five (5) semester periods of department coordinator released time per year within their buildings. Extra responsibilities will be assigned to those teachers receiving the released period. Those teachers receiving release periods will not receive additional compensation for that semester.


B.      Middle school principals shall designate up to 10 department coordinator positions within their buildings.

Compensation shall be at the annual rate set by the Board of Education. If district funds are not allocated for department coordinators in any given year, teachers would not be expected to fulfill those duties unless they volunteer.

Sick Leave

If, due to medical disability, an extra-allowance sponsor or coach is unable to perform such extra-allowance or coaching duties, the teacher will be compensated for such extra-allowance assignment during the time of disability but not to exceed one (1) year. However, to be eligible for such disability pay, the teacher/sponsor must have completed at least five (5) consecutive years of extra-allowance contracts at the time of disability and have been employed by the district in a teaching capacity for at least five (5) years.

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Note:  The reader is encouraged to check the index located at the beginning of this section for other pertinent policies and to review administrative procedures and/or forms for related information.


Adopted:       10/14/1993


Revised:        06/08/1999; 11/11/1999; 04/06/2000


Legal Refs:    Fair Labor Standards Act

Garcia v. San Antonio Metropolitan Transit Authority, Nos. 82-1913, 82-1915, 15LW4135

St. Charles School District, St. Charles, Missouri


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