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Faculty meetings are recognized as one way of communicating with staff. In addition to the regular school hours of duty attendance, all called and regularly scheduled faculty meetings shall be considered a part of each teacher's professional contract. It is expected that such meetings shall close at a reasonable hour. Efforts will be made to notify teachers of faculty meetings at least one week in advance.

Since the primary responsibility of the teaching staff is the instruction of children, the district will assure that the interruption of the instructional process and the demands upon a teacher's time will be minimal. Therefore,


1.       Curriculum review committee meetings will be voluntary and reimbursed at the posted rate or awarded continuing education credit.


2.       Staffings for special services will be held during a teacher's regularly scheduled work day whenever possible.

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Adopted:        10/14/1993


Cross Refs:    DLB, Salary Deductions

St. Charles School District, St. Charles, Missouri


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