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Effective teacher evaluation is an essential part of the total instructional program. Performance-based evaluation should be a continuous process that relates directly to on-the-job performance. Performance-based evaluation should be a cooperative effort among the Board of Education, administration and teaching staff. Standards and criteria in a performance-based evaluation system should reflect measurable, observable and definable teacher behavior.

The primary purpose of a performance-based teacher evaluation is to facilitate and improve employee performance and classroom instruction and, thus, to enhance student learning. An effective evaluation system should identify teachers' strengths and weaknesses and provide direction for maintaining and improving teacher skills through professional staff development activities.

Performance-based teacher evaluation should provide a basis for fair, objective decision making by local school districts. The evaluation of teachers is an administrative function, and the school district must provide the resources necessary to adequately train evaluators. In order for a performance-based evaluation system to be effective, administrators also must have a strong commitment to involving teachers in developing and applying the entire evaluation system.

The procedures and instruments for professional staff evaluation will be developed by the administration, in consultation with the district's professional staff, and will be approved by the Board. Teacher evaluation instruments must minimally reflect the standards listed in this policy. One (1) copy of the completed evaluation form shall be given to the staff member concerned, one (1) copy filed in the employee's personnel file at the office of the Board of Education and one (1) copy retained by the appropriate administrator/evaluator.

Teaching Standards

All teachers in the St. Charles R-VI School District shall:

1.Be knowledgeable of the content and prepared for instruction.

2.Keep current on instructional knowledge and explore changes in teaching behaviors that will improve student performance.

3.Promote active student participation in the learning process and ensure that all students have success.

4.Use various forms of assessment to monitor and manage student learning.

5.Communicate and interact with the community in a professional manner.

6.Effectively maintain student time on task.

7.Act as a responsible professional in carrying out the mission of the district.

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MSIP Refs:6.5.2

Legal Refs: 160.045, 168.128, .410, RSMo.

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