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In determining compensation plans for support staff employees, the Board will take into account the responsibilities of the position, qualifications needed, past experience of the individual and years of service to the district. It will also consider the salaries for similar employment in other school districts, and in the private sector of the area.

The individual salaries of administrative and managerial support personnel who report directly to the superintendent will be reviewed and established annually by the Board following receipt of the superintendent's recommendation.

Annual increments will be dependent upon the employee's satisfactory performance in the position.

At-will letters of intent to employ will be issued to support staff employees before June 30 annually for the coming fiscal year. Letters of intent to employ will specify:



        Hourly rate of compensation

        Work schedule (calendar)

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Adopted:       10/14/1993


Revised:        08/11/2005

St. Charles School District, St. Charles, Missouri


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