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To provide a positive educational environment for students, the district must employ quality staff members. It is the responsibility of the superintendent or designee to determine the support staff personnel needs of the school district and to locate suitable support staff candidates. The superintendent will make recommendations for employment of support staff members for the Board's approval. The Board will employ personnel in accordance with law.

The district's hiring procedures will comply with all federal and state laws, including laws prohibiting discrimination. The School District of the City of St. Charles is an equal opportunity employer and hires only citizens of the United States and persons who are legally authorized to work in the United States. The St. Charles R-VI School District will enroll and actively participate in a federal work authorization program in accordance with law.


Efforts will be made to recruit the best-qualified candidate for the position. New or vacant positions will be posted for at least five (5) business days in the district's buildings and publicized externally by other means as determined appropriate by the superintendent or designee. However, if the superintendent or designee determines that it would be detrimental to wait five (5) business days or that a longer period is necessary, the position will be advertised for as many days as is appropriate. Further, if the same or similar position was recently advertised, the superintendent or designee may utilize applications previously received without re-advertising the position. A position is not considered vacant if the Board, superintendent or designee assigns an existing employee to the position.

Recruitment procedures will not overlook the talents and potential of individuals already employed by the school district. Any current, qualified employee meeting the stated requirements may apply for new or vacant positions in the district.

All requests for information concerning vacancies in the district shall be directed to the superintendent or designee. Persons interested in positions in the district must complete a formal application and provide all necessary information requested by the superintendent or designee. The superintendent or designee shall conduct interviews, review references and obtain other information as deemed necessary.

The superintendent or designee will conduct background checks on employees and applicants for employment in accordance with law and Board policy.


A position will be filled by the Board of Education only after receiving the recommendation of the superintendent or designee. All candidates will be considered on the basis of qualifications, training, experience and ability to fulfill the requirements of the position. Any applicant found to have presented false credentials or any document referencing false credentials will immediately be removed from consideration.

Before the Board votes to employ an applicant in a position that requires a license or other necessary certification, such as a nurse or an electrician, the superintendent or designee will verify that the applicant currently possesses the appropriate license or certification. The superintendent or designee will also reverify licenses and certifications once they are renewed.

All vacancies in the support staff positions will be posted as informational items for current employees. Any current employee may apply for any position for which he or she is qualified and meets other stated requirements.

All candidates for employment will receive written notice as to the status of their application for employment within a reasonable time following the notification of vacancy. All other support staff members will be informed of their re-employment or termination of contracts for the following school year by June 30.

The following procedures will be used in support staff hiring:

When an opening occurs within the school district, the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources will post a notice of vacancy in each building and may invite applicants from outside the district's employment. If a school district employee is interested in the vacant position he or she should submit an updated resume and follow all instructions as outlined in the notice sent by the assistant superintendent of human resources. An applicant outside the district should complete an application of employment if interested in a position with the school district. Applicants should be prepared to take a proficiency test in the area in which they are applying. All applicants considered for employment shall be screened by the assistant superintendent of human resources and interviewed by the supervisor of the vacant position.

When an internal candidate transfers to a vacant position, there shall be a 30-day trial period. At the end of this trial period if the employee has not met the minimum skills needed to satisfactorily perform the requirements of the new position, he/she will be allowed to return to his/her former assignment.

A spouse of a Board member will only be hired to fill any vacant or new position if the position has been advertised in accordance with this policy and if the superintendent has submitted a written recommendation supporting the employment of the spouse. If the spouse of a Board member is hired, the names of all applicants for that position as well as the name of the individual hired will be included in the appropriate Board minutes.

The district will not accept an application of employment from a Board member, consider a Board member for employment or decide to employ a Board member while the member remains on the St. Charles R-VI School District Board of Education. Board members who wish to apply for employment in the district must first resign from the Board.

In accordance with law, the district will hire individuals receiving retirement benefits from the Missouri Public Education Employee Retirement System to work full time only if the district has determined that it has a shortage of noncertificated employees. The district may only hire retired employees under this program if it has:


1.         Made a good-faith effort to fill positions with candidates who have not retired.


2.         Not offered early retirement incentives for either of the previous two (2) years.


3.         Posted the vacancy for at least one (1) month and solicited applications through local newspapers or other media.


4.         Determined that there is an insufficient number of eligible applicants.


5.         Declared a critical shortage of noncertificated employees that is active for one (1) year.

The total number of retired noncertificated employees hired under this section cannot exceed at any one (1) time the lesser of ten (10) percent of the total noncertificated staff in the district or five (5) noncertificated employees.

Equal Opportunity Employment Program

In order to ensure realization of the Board's equal opportunity goals, the Board has adopted a plan which is available for review in the administration building.

The goals of the Equal Opportunity Employment Program will be to:


A.        Provide job training and educational opportunities to help all employees grow in their jobs and prepare for advancement, assuring protected groups every opportunity to participate in such activity to prepare them for positions at all levels.


B.        Assist all employees to secure positions, commensurate with their skills and knowledge, assuring equal access to promotion or advancement.


C.        Resolve efficiently concerns and grievances of all employees and prospective employees which may arise in connection with the Affirmative Action Program.


D.        Review all decisions and actions in light of their potential for strengthening interpersonal relationships.

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Note:  The reader is encouraged to check the index located at the beginning of this section for other pertinent policies and to review administrative procedures and/or forms for related information.


Adopted:         10/14/1993


Revised:          06/08/1999; 05/12/2005; 10/12/2006; 07/09/2009; 08/12/2010; 07/14/2011


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