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The educational program of the St. Charles R-VI School District will provide for formal studies to meet the general academic needs of students, character education programs and opportunities for individual students to develop specific talents and interests in the performing arts, practical arts, vocational-technical education and other specialized fields.

The various instructional programs offered by the district will be developed with the view toward maintaining a balanced and sequential curriculum that will serve the educational needs of all school-aged children in the district. The curriculum will also meet requirements established by state law, the Missouri State Board of Education and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. A written curriculum guide for all subject areas will be developed by the staff and reviewed and approved by the Board of Education.

The Board of Education is committed to educational excellence through the development of communication and computational skills among the district's students. The Board will adopt specific requirements to ensure that high school graduates are sufficiently competent in these important skills. The instructional program will also provide a planned sequence in language arts, social studies, science, fine arts, industrial and practical arts, health and safety, vocational-technical education and physical education. At all levels, provisions will be made for a wide range of individual differences in student abilities through the use of a variety of materials, adjustments in programs, and courses adapted to special needs of students.

The ultimate aim of the instructional program will be the development of proficiency in each student's ability to read well, write legibly, spell accurately, listen attentively, communicate effectively, think critically, use basic mathematical/computational skills correctly, observe carefully, solve problems, participate effectively in groups, maintain a healthy lifestyle, enjoy aesthetic experiences, and develop interest in and/or start career development.

Any instructional program which is required by state or federal law will be provided to students, and procedures will be developed to ensure requirements are met.

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Revised:09/14/1995; 01/13/2000; 10/14/2004

Cross Refs:AD, School District Mission

Legal Refs: 161.102, 167.268, 168.171, 170.011, .015, .041, RSMo.

Mo. Const. art. 1, 5-7

St. Charles R-VI School District, St. Charles, Missouri


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