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A balanced, up-to-date collection of materials is essential to a media center. These materials should be carefully selected by a media professional working closely with teachers and consulting authoritative selection aids to determine the quality of the materials. The collection should be tailored to the needs of the pupils and the curriculum of each school. Constant evaluation of materials by all users will result in a highly effective and qualitative collection.

It is the responsibility of the district's librarians to weed as part of the total selection and evaluation process:


1.       To make space for more valuable items.


2.       To provide a more appealing, more up-to-date collection.


3.       To prevent the illusion of a well-rounded, well-stocked collection based only on quantity.


4.       To maintain a reputation for providing reliable information which supports the needs of both patrons and curriculum.


5.       To provide feedback on strengths and weaknesses of the collection.

The library media specialist may remove from the library media center materials, equipment and furniture no longer of value to the library media program following general selection and weeding guidelines.

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Adopted:       01/18/1994


Reviewed:     01/22/1998

St. Charles School District, St. Charles, Missouri


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