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(Guidelines for Use of Commercial Movies in the Classroom)


A systematic procedure will be followed by teachers who wish to use commercially produced movies to supplement instruction in the classroom. Use of such movies as instructional tools will be subject to the following guidelines.


Commercially produced movies must be directly related to a teaching activity in order to legally be shown in the schools. According to Title 17, U.S. Code, Sect. 110 et. seq., such copyrighted materials may not be used for "entertainment, recreation or other outside activities."


Individual teachers who choose to use commercial movies in the classroom will be responsible for selection of movies appropriate to the curriculum objectives of their course/class. If the permission form is not returned, there will be an alternate assignment. Teachers are responsible for previewing the movies prior to their use. If asked, teachers should be able to justify the relationship of the movie to their curriculum.

Principal Approval

At the beginning of the school year each teacher will be responsible for submitting to the principal a list of movies that the teacher wishes to use to supplement instruction (see attached form). These lists will be kept on file in the office. If a teacher wishes to add a movie to the list during the course of the year, they must first receive principal approval.

Rating Limits

Movies with the following MPAA ratings may be shown in St. Charles schools if they relate to or supplement the curriculum:


          G (all ages admitted) -- G-rated movies may be shown in any school to any age student without a signed parental permission slip (see attached form).


          PG (all ages admitted, parental guidance suggested) -- PG-rated movies may be shown to students in grades 4-12 with a signed parental permission slip.


          PG-13 (parents strongly cautioned; some material may be inappropriate for children under 13) -- PG-13 movies may be shown to students in grades 7-12 with a signed parental permission slip.


          R (restricted) -- R-rated movies may be shown to students in grades 11-12 with a signed parent permission form.


          Unrated movies (usually those made prior to the advent of the MPAA rating system and foreign films) -- Teachers must use their best professional judgment in showing these films. If a teacher feels that an unrated or foreign film would not conform to either the G, PG or PG-13 standards, then it should not be shown.


Copyrighted materials may not be copied or edited without the written permission of the copyright holder. If a teacher feels that a particular portion of a movie is inappropriate for student viewing, these parts may be edited only by fast-forwarding or otherwise obstructing the view of the screen.

Legal Limitations

Building principals will have a synopsis of Title 17, U.S. Code, Section 110 et. seq., on file in the office and posted in the teacher work room for teacher referral.

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Note:  The reader is encouraged to check the index located at the beginning of this section for other pertinent policies and to review administrative procedures and/or forms for related information.


Adopted:         10/10/1996


Revised:          03/13/2008


Cross Refs:     EGAAA, Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials

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