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The presentation and discussion of controversial issues in the classroom should be on an informative basis. Staff members have the responsibility to treat controversial topics as impartially and as objectively as possible; to explore the possibility of alternative and/or divergent positions and opinions; to determine the degree and extent of consideration given to a specific issue based on knowledge, maturity and competence of the student and class; to ensure that an accurate, factual and balanced presentation of materials is readily available for the student; to help students to be tolerant of arguments in opposition to each individual's own prejudices and biases and to cultivate a habit of delaying decisions until all available facts have been considered.

Three (3) basic rights of the student are:


1.       The right to study controversial issues which are of genuine interest to the student and which have political, social or economic significance. Genuine interest may be apparent by the expression and formulation of opinion on the part of the student.


2.       The right to study under competent instruction in an atmosphere free from bias and prejudice.


3.       The right of access to relevant information freely available in the school or public libraries.

Emotional criticism and the promotion of a cause within the classroom are inappropriate and unprofessional. The teacher's attitude should be that of the true scholar which is truth- seeking, open-minded and tolerant.

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Adopted:       10/14/1993


Reviewed:     01/22/1998

St. Charles School District, St. Charles, Missouri


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