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The Student Code of Conduct is designed to foster student responsibility, respect for others, and to provide for the orderly operation of district schools. No code can be expected to list each and every offense that may result in disciplinary action; however, it is the purpose of this code to list certain offenses which, if committed by a student, will result in the imposition of a certain disciplinary action. Any conduct not included herein, any aggravated circumstance of any offense, or any action involving a combination of offenses may result in disciplinary consequences that extend beyond this code of conduct as determined by the principal, superintendent and/or Board of Education. In extraordinary circumstances where the minimum consequence is judged by the superintendent or designee to be manifestly unfair or not in the interest of the district, the superintendent or designee may reduce the consequences listed in this policy, as allowed by law. This code includes, but is not necessarily limited to, acts of students on district property, including playgrounds, parking lots and district transportation, or at a district activity, whether on or off district property. The district may also discipline students for off-campus conduct that negatively impacts the educational environment, to the extent allowed by law.

Reporting to Law Enforcement

It is the policy of the St. Charles R-VI School District to report all crimes occurring on district property to law enforcement, including, but not limited to, the crimes the district is required to report in accordance with law. A list of crimes the district is required to report is included in policy JGF.

The principal shall also notify the appropriate law enforcement agency and superintendent if a student is discovered to possess a controlled substance or weapon in violation of the district's policy.

In addition, the superintendent shall notify the appropriate division of the juvenile or family court upon suspension for more than ten (10) days or expulsion of any student who the district is aware is under the jurisdiction of the court.

Documentation in Student's Discipline Record

The principal, designee or other administrators or school staff will maintain all discipline records as deemed necessary for the orderly operation of the schools and in accordance with law and policy JGF.

Conditions of Suspension, Expulsion and Other Disciplinary Consequences

All students who are suspended or expelled, regardless of the reason, are prohibited from participating in or attending any district-sponsored activity, or being on or near district property or the location of any district activity for any reason, unless permission is granted by the superintendent or designee. In addition, the district may prohibit students from participating in activities or restrict a student's access to district property as a disciplinary consequence even if a student is not suspended or expelled from school, if appropriate.

In accordance with law, any student who is suspended for any offenses listed in § 160.261, RSMo., or any act of violence or drug-related activity defined by policy JGF as a serious violation of school discipline shall not be allowed to be within 1,000 feet of any district property or any activity of the district, regardless of whether the activity takes place on district property, unless one (1) of the following conditions exist:


1.         The student is under the direct supervision of the student's parent, legal guardian, custodian or another adult designated in advance, in writing, to the student's principal by the student's parent, legal guardian or custodian, and the superintendent or designee has authorized the student to be on district property.


2.         The student is enrolled in and attending an alternative school that is located within 1,000 feet of a public school in the district.


3.         The student resides within 1,000 feet of a public school in the district and is on the property of his or her residence.

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Note:  The reader is encouraged to check the index located at the beginning of this section for other pertinent policies and to review administrative procedures and/or forms for related information.


Adopted:         04/04/2002


Revised:          05/12/2005; 07/10/2008; 06/11/2009; 07/14/2011


MSIP Refs:     6.6

St. Charles R-VI School District, St. Charles, Missouri


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