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(Zero Tolerance for Fighting)


The administration and staff of the St. Charles City School District believe that in order for teaching and learning to occur, a safe environment is necessary. In addition, the administration and staff believe that all children deserve an environment that is conducive to optimal teaching and learning. Therefore, the following zero tolerance for fighting procedure will be implemented in instances involving fighting in school or on school grounds.


1.       District disciplinary procedures will be followed according to the Code of Conduct.


2.       Parents will be notified of incident, disciplinary recommendations and notified that the police will be called and a police report will be filed.


3.       Police will be called, report filed, and students removed from school property.


4.       Administrators will notify the Director of Student Services of the incident and students involved.


5.       Board of Education will be notified of all police reports filed.

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Adopted:       07/13/1995


Revised:        09/14/2006

St. Charles School District, St. Charles, Missouri


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