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Pupils should be kept after school only when a specific purpose is to be achieved. If pupils are detained more than one-half hour after dismissal time or if they ride the bus, parents should be notified one (1) day in advance of such detention.

In-School Suspension

Students with disruptive behavior patterns should not be allowed to remain in regular classrooms; yet when such students are suspended from school it often adds to the problems of the students, the school and the community.

Any student who, in the opinion of the building principal or his or her designee, would benefit from in-school suspension may be so disciplined.

Actions or behavior that may result in in-school suspension include:


        Minor vandalism


        Disrespect for school personnel or students

        Foul language or obscene actions


        Skipping class/leaving campus

        Excessive classroom disturbances

        Other behavior detrimental to the school environment

        Non-dress for PE

        Detention rule violations

        Accumulation of tardies

The following guidelines will be observed:


1.       Students will be assigned to a special class where they will be adequately supervised at all times. The in-school suspension teacher will see that each student has textbooks and classwork assignments from his or her regular teachers.


2.       The principal will attempt to notify the parents by telephone if their child has been placed in in-school suspension, and will follow up this verbal notification in writing. Reasons for the in-school suspension will be given, and a conference may be scheduled prior to the student's readmission to regular class.


3.       Additional conferences with the school counselor and/or building principal(s) may be scheduled at the discretion of the building principal.


4.       Students may not participate in extracurricular activities while they are under in-school suspension, but they will receive credit for work completed during the suspension period.


5.       Copies of specific building regulations concerning procedures in the in-school suspension room will be given to the student when he/she enters the in-school suspension room.


6.       Any disruptions in the in-school suspension room may result in additional disciplinary action. The parents should contact the school to arrange for a parent-student-principal conference before the student is returned to regular classes.


7.       Students must earn their way back into the regular classroom by following all in-school suspension rules and completing all assignments given to them to the satisfaction of the supervising teacher.

The same hearing procedures that apply to out-of-school suspensions will apply to in-school suspension.

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Note:  The reader is encouraged to check the index located at the beginning of this section for other pertinent policies and to review administrative procedures and/or forms for related information.


Adopted:       10/14/1993


Revised:        07/17/2001; 10/11/2001


Legal Refs:    § 160.261, RSMo.

St. Charles School District, St. Charles, Missouri


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