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(Retirement of Facilities)


If it becomes necessary to close a school, the following procedures will be followed:


1.         Upon determining that a school should be closed, the Board will direct the superintendent to inform the staff members involved and review with them their rights of transfer to other locations. They will be assisted in obtaining mutually satisfactory assignments.


2.         The Board will also instruct the superintendent to notify by letter the parents of students attending the school, informing them of the reason the action is being taken and of the new arrangements for school attendance by their children.


3.         To ensure the smoothest possible transition, the Board will direct that the school scheduled for nonoperation the following year be closed as of the end of the regular school year unless emergency conditions dictate otherwise.


4.         If emergency conditions dictate that a school be closed during the regular school year, the Board will allow the superintendent a period to execute the Board's order. The superintendent will use this period to work with parents, teachers and administrators in the sending and receiving schools to prepare children for the change.

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Implemented: 06/11/2009

St. Charles School District, St. Charles, Missouri


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