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The district will review and revise written curriculum on a rotating basis. A calendar for courses scheduled for curriculum revision will be published annually. Courses will be reviewed and revised through the formal curriculum development process every five (5) to seven (7) years.

Curriculum guides will be re-evaluated in the following manner:


1.         A committee of teachers representing all grade levels concerned with a particular subject area will be responsible for the review and revision. Committee members will be appointed by the superintendent or designee. One (1) member will be designated as chair for the committee.


2.         At the discretion of the superintendent or designee, an administrator, counselor or other member of the school staff may also be appointed to serve on any curriculum review and revision committee.


3.         At the discretion of the superintendent or designee, a member of the community may also be appointed to serve on any curriculum review and revision committee.


4.         Committee members will be provided adequate resources to complete the review and revision process. These resources will include, but are not limited to the following: paid release time; information regarding disaggregated results of the district assessment program for each curricular area; information regarding state and federal curriculum requirements; a copy of the state and district graduation requirements; and access to other curriculum guides.

The district is committed to a curriculum designed to meet the needs of the community and of students. The curriculum revision and review committees will base revisions on the following (in no particular order):


1.         Analysis of assessment scores disaggregated by each of the following: race/ethnicity, gender, identified disability, and migrant and/or Limited English Proficiency (LEP) status. A category need not be analyzed for a particular grade level if the school district has fewer than five (5) students in the category.


2.         Analysis of assessment scores by level of proficiency as measured against the Show-Me Standards.


3.         State and federal law.


4.         Teacher recommendation.


5.         District goals.


6.         Results of educational research.


7.         Community standards.

At the conclusion of the review and revision process, the chair of the committee shall prepare a report detailing the findings made and actions taken by the committee. A copy of this report shall be presented to the superintendent and the Board of Education.

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Implemented: 01/16/2008

St. Charles R-VI School District, St. Charles, Missouri


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