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(Tobacco Use Prevention Education)



1.         Tobacco use prevention education will be taught in all grade levels with particular focus on grades four (4) through eight (8). Instructional activities will be participatory and developmentally appropriate. Tobacco use prevention education programs will be designed to:


                      Instruct about immediate and long-term undesirable physiological, cosmetic and social consequences of tobacco use.


                      Decrease the social acceptability of tobacco use.


                      Address reasons why young people smoke.


                      Teach students how to recognize and refute advertising and other social influences that promote tobacco use.


                      Develop students' skills for resisting social influences that promote tobacco use.


                      Develop necessary assertiveness, communication, goal-setting and problem-solving skills that may enable students to avoid tobacco use.


2.         Guidance counselors will provide referrals to community resources and programs to help students and staff overcome tobacco addiction.


3.         School counselors or community agencies are encouraged to establish voluntary tobacco cessation programs at school, but attendance or completion of a tobacco cessation program will not be used as a penalty. However, attendance or completion of a tobacco cessation program is allowed as a voluntary substitute to suspension for possession or use of tobacco.


4.         Students, staff members and visitors are prohibited from possessing or using tobacco in accordance with Board policy. No student may leave the school campus during the school day to use a tobacco product. The principal will notify students, families, education personnel and school visitors of the tobacco-free policy in handbooks and on notices or signs posted at every school entrance and other appropriate locations, as well as by other efficient means.


5.         District authorities will consult with local law enforcement agencies to enforce laws that prohibit the possession of tobacco by minors within the immediate proximity of district grounds.


6.         Students and employees who violate the district's tobacco-free policies will be subject to disciplinary actions in accordance with Board policy. All district staff will be trained on the correct and fair enforcement of tobacco-free policies.

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Implemented: 01/16/2008

St. Charles R-VI School District, St. Charles, Missouri


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