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(Assignment of Students to School)


The Board of Education has established boundary lines for each attendance center in the school district. Assignment of an individual student to a school will be based on the student’s legal residence.

Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities will be assigned to the attendance center that provides the most appropriate educational services for that student.

Request for Reassignment


1.         Requests for student reassignment must be submitted by the parent/guardian by March 1 for the following school year. Requests made after the March 1 deadline will only be considered on an emergency basis or as the result of a change in residence. Requests for reassignment made after March1 may only be granted for one year. The student must attend his/her actual assigned attendance center the next year or resubmit his/her request for reassignment.


2.         Reassignment requests will be considered in order of receipt (first-come, first-served). Active district employees may request that their child(ren) attend specific St. Charles schools. These reassignment requests will be assigned a priority status during the consideration phase.


3.         Approval of reassignment requests will be contingent upon available classroom space and class size. For the purpose of considering reassignment requests, class size will be limited to a size determined annually, that is between the “desirable” and “maximum” standards as defined under the Missouri School Improvement Program:


            a.         Grades K–2                 20

            b.         Grades 3–4                  22

            c.         Grades 5–6                  23

            d.         Grades 7–8                  25

            e.         Grades 9–12                25


Utilizing these standards, the superintendent or his/her designee will annually work with building principals to determine the number of spaces available in each school for the upcoming school year.


4.         If a reassignment request is rejected due to class size limitations, the parent may ask to be placed on a waiting list. Final decisions regarding all reassignment requests (received prior to March 1) will be made by 4:00 p.m. March 31.


5.         If a reassignment request is rejected, the decision may be appealed to the superintendent. The superintendent’s decision may be appealed to the Board of Education.


6.         If the reassignment is approved, parents and/or guardians will provide their child(ren) transportation to the receiving school. The principal may request that the reassignment be rescinded if the child(ren)’s attendance becomes irregular due to the loss of transportation.


7.         Unless approved for one year only, the reassigned student will be considered permanently assigned and will attend the succeeding grades at that school building.


8.         Each child may be reassigned to a school out of his/her home attendance area only once, but may return to the home attendance area school at the end of any academic year.


9.         Upon completion of the grade sequence at the reassigned elementary school and subsequent completion of grades 5-8, the student will be assigned to the high school designated by his/her legal residence or the student’s parents/guardians may submit a new application for reassignment.


10.       All approved high school reassignments must abide by the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) regulations pertaining to extracurricular/athletic eligibility.

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Implemented: 06/17/2008


Revised:          01/15/2009; 07/11/2013

St. Charles R-VI School District, St. Charles, Missouri


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