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The St. Charles R-VI School District will follow the requirements as established by state law and regulation is for the administration of the A+ Schools Program. The district's A+ Schools Program coordinator is:

Associate Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

400 N. 6th St.

St. Charles, MO 63301

Phone: 636-443-4029

Fax: 636-443-4001

A+ Schools Partnership Plan

The coordinator shall organize a local advisory committee to develop a partnership plan to be approved by the district Board of Education. The advisory committee shall include businesspersons, labor leaders, college and postsecondary career/technical school representatives and parents/guardians. The partnership plan shall specify a mechanism to receive information on an annual basis from those who developed the plan, as well as senior citizens, community leaders and teachers, to update the plan in order to best meet the goals of the A+ Schools Program.

The plan shall:


1.         Detail the procedures used to identify students who may drop out of school and the intervention services to be used to meet the needs of such students.


2.         Outline counseling and mentoring services provided to students who will enter the work force upon graduation from high school.


3.         Contain procedures for the recruitment of community volunteers to serve in schools receiving program grants.


4.         Address internship and apprenticeship programs.

Under the guidance of the coordinator, the advisory committee shall evaluate, review and update the partnership plan annually.

Eligibility Report

By June 30 of each year, the A+ coordinator will submit, in the appropriate core data report, a list of the names of all graduating, certified A+ students eligible to receive financial assistance. To be eligible, a student must:


1.         Be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident or otherwise lawfully present in the United States.


2.         Attend a designated A+ high school for three years immediately prior to graduation. A students who is an active duty military dependent or a dependent of retired military personnel who relocate to Missouri within one year of the date of retirement from active duty is excused from this provision if the student attends a designated A+ school in the school year immediately preceding graduation and has met all other eligibility requirements.


3.         Graduate from a designated A+ high school with an overall grade point average of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale or the equivalent on another scale.


4.         Have at least a 95 percent attendance record overall for grades 9-12. Any student appropriately counted for average daily attendance will be considered as in attendance, whether physically present or not.


5.         Perform 50 hours of unpaid tutoring or mentoring of which up to 25 percent may include job shadowing.


6.         Maintain a record of good citizenship and avoid the unlawful use of alcohol and drugs, as defined by district policy.


7.         Beginning with the high school graduating class of 2015, meet one of the following, unless the district has met all of the DESE requirements for a waiver of the Algebra I end-of-course exam for the recipient:


                      Achieve a score of proficient or advanced on the official Algebra I end-of-course exam or a higher-level, DESE-approved end-of-course exam in the field of mathematics,




                      As a high school or postsecondary student, have achieved a qualifying score, as established annually by the Coordinating Board for Higher Education, on the COMPASS exam published by ACT, Inc., or the mathematics component of the ACT test.


8.         Prior to graduation, enter into a written agreement with the district to participate in the A+ Schools Program.


9.         Meet any additional eligibility requirement set out in state law.


If the coordinator determines that a student who has submitted a participation agreement has violated the terms of that agreement or district policies or procedures regarding A+ participation, he or she will notify the student in writing. The notice will include a statement of which condition was violated and the facts constituting the violation. The student will be provided copies of documents or other evidence supporting the determination. The student may be put on probation or expelled from the A+ Schools Program by the coordinator.

The student may appeal an expulsion from the program to the Board of Education, or a committee created by the Board, by notifying the coordinator within five working days of receiving the notice. The coordinator will provide notice of the appeal to the Board along with a copy of the reason for the expulsion. The Board or the Board's committee will hear the student's appeal in closed session within ten working days of having received the notice of appeal. The Board will notify the student of its decision in writing within five working days of hearing the appeal.

Receipt of Funds

In order to receive A+ financial assistance, an eligible student must:


1.         Make a good-faith effort to secure all sources of federal funding that could be applied to tuition reimbursement.


2.         Be admitted and enrolled at a participating institution in accordance with law.


3.         Not be enrolled in or intend to use the award to enroll in a course of study leading to a degree in theology or divinity.


4.         Not have a criminal record preventing receipt of federal Title IV student financial aid.


The coordinator will be responsible for gathering and maintaining data on:


1.         Student demographics and enrollment.


2.         Student completion and performance of coursework.


3.         The number of students who continue their education at four-year colleges and universities, community colleges and career/technical schools.


4.         The number of students who enter the labor force.


5.         The number of students who enter military service.


6.         A+ Schools Program outcomes.


7.         The relationship of the partnership plan to student success.


8.         Student eligibility for A+ financial incentives.

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Implemented: 01/16/2008


Revised:          08/11/2011; 04/17/2012; 04/10/2014

St. Charles R-VI School District, St. Charles, Missouri


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