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To accomplish the district’s mission and to comply with the law, the district may need to collect, create and store confidential information, including information regarding students, parents/guardians, employees, applicants for employment and others. The district will only do so when necessary and will take measures to keep this information confidential as required by law.

District employees will only access personally identifiable confidential information if necessary to perform their duties. The district will only disclose this information to authorized district contractors or agents who need access to the information to provide services to the district and who agree not to disclose the information to any other party except as allowed by law.

The superintendent or designee is directed to create and review district procedures on securely maintaining confidential information and to provide adequate training to employees and others with access to the information. All employees and authorized district contractors or agents using personal information will strictly observe protections put into place by the district including, but not limited to, maintaining information in locked rooms or drawers, limiting access to electronic files, updating and maintaining the confidentiality of password protections, encrypting and redacting information, and disposing of information in a confidential and secure manner.

District employees, contractors and agents will notify the superintendent or designee immediately if there is reason to believe confidential information has been disclosed to an unauthorized person, whether intentionally or otherwise. The superintendent or designee will investigate immediately and take any action necessary to secure the information and issue all required legal notices.

The district may seek all legal recourse against any person who accesses confidential information without authorization or who fails to maintain the confidentiality of confidential information. District employees who violate district policies or procedures regarding the confidentiality of information may be disciplined and/or terminated. The Board may publicly admonish Board members who violate this policy.

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Adopted:         03/14/2011


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Steelville R-III School District, Steelville, Missouri


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